The Quality Counts initiative is sunsetting as we roll out a new early learning quality improvement system. With growing recognition of the importance of early learning experiences, particularly for children at-risk of school failure, there is now a larger body of research focused on how to best target interventions, resources and policy that could most directly support increased quality. We have an opportunity to refine our strategic investments based on the current child care landscape, research proven strategies, as well as the current realities of the child care market. This is inclusive of leveraging Florida’s current strategic investments to improve quality for children at greatest risk of school failure through the Early Learning Performance Funding Project (ELPFP).

For additional information please read a letter to Quality Counts providers here.

 Our new quality improvement system seeks to better customize and address the financial challenges of child care providers in low income neighborhoods, resulting in higher quality programming and equitable access in all neighborhoods. Please apply to the new early learning quality improvement system here.