Self-Study Help Guide

Accessing Your Self-Study

Upon completing the Staff Qualifications portion, your program is ready to begin the second section of the Self-Study, the Classroom Roster.

This section is located in the Self-Study tab of your sites and activities page of the Quality Counts portal. To begin, click on Start a Self-Study. Your program will have three (3) business days to complete and submit this section.


Staff Roster

The Staff Roster is a prepopulated list of staff and positions you provided at the time you completed the Staff Qualifications section. Please review the roster to be sure it is accurate. If you notice any errors, please contact the Professional Development Registry through the Contact Records link in their website. You can get to their website by clicking the View Registry website link in the Self-Study tab of the Quality Counts Portal.

Portal 2


The enrollment section is a view of the program’s enrollment by age-groups, you will be asked to enter the number of currently enrolled children 0-5. Please note, the License Capacity field is read-only and Current enrollment will total automatically as you enter data by age groups.


Classroom Roster

The Classroom Roster is a list of all classrooms in your program that serve children ages 0-5 years old. Please do not include school-aged or after-school classrooms. You will be asked to provide the name of the classroom (exactly as you refer to it in your program), the age group of the children in the classroom, the capacity of the room as determined by the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) , current enrollment, and to identify Early Head Start rooms. You will also identify the teachers that work in each classroom.

Classroom Roster

Classroom Name

  • Classrooms must be labeled in the Portal exactly as they are in your program. For example: Classroom 1, Blue Room, Toddler A room, etc.

Selecting Age-Groups

  • Center-based: Select the age group of the majority of children in the classroom; however, if there is an infant in the classroom, you must label it 0-12 months. If there is a one year old in the classroom, you must label it 1 year old.
  • Family child care home: Select the FCCH or Mixed-Age group label. Please note that Family Child Care Homes must maintain a minimum of three children enrolled to participate in Quality Counts.

Identifying Early Head Start Classrooms

  • To indicate a classroom is an Early Head Start room, select the gray box under “EHS”.


School Age Enrollment

In this section, you will answer if your program serves school-aged children by selecting Yes or No.  If you select Yes, the Number of Children field will become active and you will be asked to enter the number of school-aged children you serve. If you select No, the Number of Children field will remain grayed out.


Review & Submit

It is strongly recommended that you review all your answers before submitting a final and complete Classroom Roster. If any item is missing, the system will notify you so you can make any changes before moving forward. Once all items are complete, you can view a report of your Self-Study by clicking Download Self-Study Report. It will open your Self-Study as a separate document, and you can save it for your records. Once you are satisfied with your Self-Study, click Submit. Please note, once the Self-Study is submitted, you will not be able to make any changes.