• Making More Time for Imaginary Play

    28 May 2018
    / by Katie Hurley, LCSW
    / from pbs.org

    Imaginary play is one of the hallmarks of childhood, and it’s more than fun and games: Pretend play boasts important benefits when it comes to child development.

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  • Toxic Stress

    21 May 2018
    / by Nadine Burke Harris
    / from talkingisteaching.org

    Chances are, you know someone whose child has been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Perhaps your own child has received this diagnosis. In many cases, it’s a legitimate issue, and can require medication, therapy or both.

    But in my experience, ADHD is one of the diagnoses that can be given – precipitously – to children whose behavior issues are not really about inattention. Their behavior is just one outward sign of a much larger public health problem that we are still working to fully understand: toxic stress.

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  • Nutrition and Early Brain Development

    14 May 2018
    / from urbanchildinstitute.org

    A proper balance of nutrients in this formative period is critical for normal brain development. Shortages of nutrients such as iron and iodine can impair cognitive and motor development, and these effects are often irreversible.

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  • Nine Elements That Power Positive Parenting

    7 May 2018
    / by Rebecca Parlakian, Sarah S. MacLaughlin, and Kathy Kinsner
    / from zerotothree.org

    Parenting comes with mistakes and missteps. What makes a parent great is recognizing when things haven’t gone right and responding with love to repair the relationship. That’s positive parenting in action.

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  • Help Your Kids Let Go of Stuff

    30 April 2018
    / by Christopher Willard
    / from mindful.org

    By engaging children’s imagination and natural compassion we can help them live a simpler, more mindful life.

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  • Parent distraction can hinder babies’ language skills

    23 April 2018
    / by Kim Doleatto
    / from heraldtribune.com

    Study indicates cell phones interrupt critical one-on-one interaction that develops vocabulary.

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  • Babies Think Logically Before They Can Talk

    16 April 2018
    / by Bret Stetka
    / from scientificamerican.com

    A new study shows language is not a prerequisite for some basic reasoning

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  • Why Autism Diagnoses Are Often Delayed

    9 April 2018
    / by Caroline Miller
    / from childmind.org

    How ADHD and sensory processing issues can prevent early intervention

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  • Taking Playtime Seriously

    3 April 2018
    / by Perri Klass, M.D.
    / from nytimes.com

    “Play is not a specific activity, it’s an approach to learning, an engaged, fun, curious way of discovering your world,” Dr. Tamis-LeMonda said.

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  • Breaking Gender Stereotypes in the Toy Box

    30 March 2018
    / by Perri Klass, M.D.
    / from nytimes.com

    “The good news or bad news is, experience makes a difference,” Dr. Zimmermann said. The images children see can reinforce stereotypes and limit their horizons, but they can also open up possibilities and lead kids to believe that they have more choices. Children are actively seeking clues about what their gender identities mean; toys and play should give them space, not narrow their choices.

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